Hello! This is Fernando!

Basic Info
Full Name: Fernando
Age: 34 Years
Date of Birth: 10th November
Nationality: Tiger
Education & Knowledge
Language: English, Tiger
Education: Self-trained(as far as we know) skipping his childhood and teenage years, appeared out-of-the-blue as an adult in commercials for a cereal brand.
Other Knowledge: Knows how to roll his R's very well.
Hobbies: Playing sports, hanging with random strangers, being in commercials.
Work Experience: Has worked for at least 10 years in the commercial business.
Spent 4-years training to be in the commercial business.
About Me
I am a friendly, loving tiger that goes around to random families and give them free cereal and play/celebrate sports with them. I have been in the commercial business for quite a while now and have become an iconic figure. I believe in the power of exercising and good health along with kindness and friendship. I represent a cereal brand called frosted flakes and have touched the hearts of many.