Hello! This is Flash!

Basic Info
Full Name: Flash
Age: 22 Years
Date of Birth: 15th March
Nationality: Sloth
Education & Knowledge
Language: English, Sloth
Education: Had a 4-year scholarship to the University of Sloth Careers.(USC)
Other Knowledge: Knows how to fix computer problems.
Hobbies: Climbing trees, taking LONG walks, sleeping
Work Experience: 5-years as a DMV worker.
Spent 10-years as a DMV trainee.
About Me
Hello! My name is Flash and I am a sloth. I am very kind and get along with everyone. I take my time with everything and enjoy the little things in life. I work in a DMV and have many friends in and out of work. I was a trainee for a very long time, no I wasn't a bad student. I work with many others like me and I find that very enjoyable to be with peers that understand me.