Hello! This is Callista!

Basic Info
Full Name: Callista
Age: Unknown(She has been around for decades but remains a child.)
Date of Birth: 26th January
Nationality: Mutated pig
Education & Knowledge
Language: English, Pig
Other Knowledge: Can fix problems with words not violence.
Hobbies: Is a part-time teacher, stars on a famous kid's show, spends a lot of time with her family.
Work Experience: 4-years at Rainbow Elementary School.
Previously worked at Farmville Pre-K.
About Me
Hi I'm Callista! I teach kids their abc's and vocabulary almost everyday on a kid's tv show. I live with my family and I am very happy and I hope I make kids happy everyday with the show. I hope I teach kids something new everyday about the power of family and friends and hope to help kids grow up to be very nice.