More information about Harambe's Death

Harambe has just been shot!

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It is a tragic moment in time for visitors here at Cincinnati Zoo. Everybody’s favorite gorilla, Harambe, was just recently shot and killed by zoo employees. Visitors were shocked to see as 3-year old, Tyler Duncan, fell inside of the gorilla pen. Worrying for the child’s safety, employees shot Harambe, thus killing him. We managed to get some visitors who were fine with giving us their opinion about this event. To me, I believe that Harambe was sort of like King Kong trying to save the girl but in this case it was the little boy. To be honest, I feel that Harambe was trying to protect the little boy as it has been proven in past events that gorillas have protected humans.

Here is a photo of our saviour Harambe.

Here are some events that occured the day Harambe was shot.